Monday, November 7, 2016

Tuesday talk #2 - In Monday

I haven't been here for a while. I was really overworked lately and last two weeks were one hell of a ride for me, but, despite the fact I was actually working at two shifts, I have spent all my available time on fixing The Tanks and working at some new features.

This week will hopefully be rather calm. I want to record some footages and create The Tanks trailer. I hope to start streaming too.

I just said about Tanks, so let me start with, what I am currently working on there. Because my time was short, I focused on three game mechanics parts, two of them I needed to do and one I really wanted to do. 

Firstly: The Tanks can now feature unlimited count of campaigns - that means I will soon add support for user-made campaigns (and missions) made in XML. I am also working on custom made XML available in other parts of mechanics like environment sets, road textures and enemies. This should make The Tanks easily moddable.

What is more, I have added dialogue feature to enemy waves - that means every enemy wave (especially those in campaigns) begin with dialogue phase, just like every campaign mission at the begining. I can actually create wave that holds only dialogue part and no enemies at all.

Last but not least, a feature I was really excited to add - every dialogue can feature a short movie - something like in C&C series! And every campaign mission can begin with an intro. I hope to have enough time soon to record something funny and add it into the demo mission to show a potential hidden behind that option!

But it's not everything I have been working at. I have recreated database for Mamba Games Center website I have been working on some time ago. Then, I started to improve the site. I have added working news system, reshaped navbar a little, added messaging system and started to make Play option - to play and browse games created by Mamba Games.

And finally - I have created server computer - I hope to show you new Mamba website as a test next week!

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