Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monster in Doodland - discovering Escape Doodland: Invader Dash

Have you ever dreamed, while being on boring lessons at school or at work, to be moved into a relam from your own doodles, which you have made on margins of your notebooks? Been able to roam across green plains with hand-drawn creatures, instead of sitting and counting lamps on the celling seventeenth time in a row... Thanks to to small indie studio from Poland, those dreams can become a reality - welcome in Doodland!

This post is also available in Polish on Polish Mamba site!

The time we arrive into this realm, created in game called: Escape Doodland: Invader Dash, is really harsh. Idyllic world, where many Doodlers lived in peace for years, has been suddenly attacked by terrifying monster! This beast tries to eat poor creatures, making one hell of a mess around the world.

Player takes a role of one of the available "characters" and tries to flee away from the beast, across the next levels. The game is a platformer, but not as typical as Mario, but rather something like Flappy Birds. Our pupil runs always right and our role is to decide when he should jump or climb up the wall. We can also use a copule of special abillities, eg. slowing down monster for a while, or giving our abillity to jump across vast distances.

We can unlock new characters and levels in game. Aside from running away from the monster, we are also available to collect gold coins and bonus stars, that give us oportinuty to unlock new Doodlers. We can also spent coins on purchasing more charges for character abillities.

Difficulty level is really good balanced - controls is easy-peasy nad is actually reduced to mouse and 4 abillity keys, but level construction needs, that we always stay aware of what is happening. The surroundings changes constantly and new obstacles appear on map, so we are forced to quickly adapt and make up our minds. Difficulty isn't cosmically inflated and levels don't need from us dexterity of a monkey. Hitting an obstalce results only slowing our character down and shortening the distance between us and the monster.

The game is cute - drawn creatures - Doodlers -  looks so sweet and funny. The idea, to create a game based on  hand drawn, simple - yet perfectly designed objects - is one of the main reasons, why everyone should play this production!

Music has been composed by Kevin Macleod,which releases great soundtrack on Creative Commons licence. Big pros for the creators of the game, for perfectly selected soundtrack for Escape Doodland. In the first time I was almost sure, it was composed particulalry for this game.

Is something wrong in this game? Some obstacles (especially fire) are a little unintuitive and slowes down our "hero", despite he barely touched them and sometimes quite oposit - characters jumps into flames for certain and walks away untouched.

Moreover a copule of elements of environment (clouds) are barely visible on the background. But you need to remember, that I have played only bugged demo version, and in final version many things will be improved and fixed.
I will surely return to it after official release!

The game is currently in heavy development. Despite this you can play demo, that is available on and on The game will be released on PC (Steam), iOS, Android and MacOS.

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