Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mamba Games in polish starts!

Hi!From the beginning, I have publiced on Mamba Games mainly in English, but due to the fact that I would love to write it in Polish and altering blogspot CMS to support two languages ​​is pointless, because now I have been working on a new website, which is a kind of multimedia center for playing, watching and communicating with other members of the Mamba Games etc. so its a waste of time even on improving the old technology, which for a month or two will be thrown into trash.

Here you can visit polish Mamba Games website! 
In this post I would also like you to explain a little how it will work. Because as of now have available a limited time, not all texts will appear in both languages. I will explain briefly bellow, how I am going to procede with translation and publication:
  •  information about the development of games from Mamba Games will be published in English and translated into Polish,
  •     reviews of more important (in my opinion) games will appear in both languages,
  •     articles about Mamba Games games will be published in English (and in Polish briefly)
  •     reviews and articles that are less important will be published in Polish, briefly in English.
Unfortunately, at least for now I am forced to such a way of publishing materials. Of course, my dream is to be able to publish everything, both in English and in Polish. If any of you feel uncomfortabe with my future plans, please forgive me and be patient - I will try to translate everything sooner or later.I take this opportunity to mention also, how I see publishing videos and streams. Here, except the limited time, there is also a problem with the language barrier. Material recorded in English needs additionall prepare unfortunately, thats why:
  •     the most important recordings, game trailers, gameplay videos of  games from Mamba Games will be published, firstly in English,
  •     gameplay videos from other games, all kinds of random streams, etc. will be published in Polish and in time with English subtitles,
  •     tutorials - at least some of them in Polish with English subtitles, sometimes there will be also the streams and recordings in English, for the English-speaking listeners especially.
I also hope that you will like what I do and you will be happy to return here for my texts, games and videos. As I always say, the game is not only fun, but also a medium to unite us and enable better way of self-expression.Have a nice evening/morning/day!

Here you can visit polish Mamba Games website!

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