Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Webpage shop module

I am currently working on a shop module! For now, I have finished script responsible for generating shop bar for every element I want to display in the shop. You will be able to purchase games and services soon.

I have also started to redesign some core scripts of The Tanks, especialy those related to variables storage. That's because I have learnt a lot of new (more efficient) techniques that will make The Tanks code much more flexible and open for mods.

Stay tuned and have a nice day!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A word about new website

I have spent last 10 days on network work. I have created a security system, that will protect Mamba games from being copied (I hope it slow crackers down at least) and new Mamba Games webpage - Mamb@ Account. All in-game login mechanics are made to be able to implement in all games quickly, so I can easily add them to all my games to protect them and join them with Mamb@ Account.
On my new website, you will be able to play or download all games created by Mamba Games. You will be able to track your higscores, discuss new features, find teammates, collect a variety of items and badges, or buy Mamb@ Coins - which you can use to obtain some special in-game features such as new skins, player models etc.

Games will also be a part of this system. Loging into your Mamb@ Account in game will grant you a possibility to earn some Mamb@ Coins or obtain Mysterious Packages - items that (when opened in your Mamb@ inventory) will grant you new unique bonuses.

A lot of mechanics has been implemented. I am currently working on graphical part of the website. I hope I will be able to share with you some more screenshoots soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dev diary

I haven't been writing for a long time, because I started temporary job to earn a little to boost my projects, especially invest in Steam Greenlight. But I have not suspended work at my projects completely.

In The Tanks, I have polished a copule of issues. With new abilities and knowledge learnt while making Microbe, I see a lot of places, that can be tweaked to work better. I have fixed all issues with multiplayer and started to leard how to implement multiplayer via internet. There are a copule of things I want to fix before next release, and next update will be propably the first and the only where I release both browser and standalone version. Next updates will be only standalone, because a copule of things (like resolution, graphics settings etc.) are limited by a browser version and I want to add some kind of profile manager, options saving, etc. But I might update browser version some day as well.

Microbe starts to look the way I want to. Lastly, I have added faction systems, faction overview screen and started to rework AI to better suit my needs. Microbes can at least strike back the opponents, but the interaction system I have implemented at the beggining is not satisfying all my needs and causes some bugs while attacking.

In other news, I have updated Unity to the newest version. That fixed a crash that occured frequently and was really pissing me off. I have also watched Warcraft today.