The Tanks - Game


Waiting for your friends to play Dota2 or CS: GO? Wanna blow something up meanwhile? Great! Take control over your new tank and go save the world! Make some mayhem in fully configurable environment! Choose difficulty, opponents or test your luck in totally random game. Space shooter was never giving so much fun! Well... tank shooter!

The Tanks is an acarde "space shooter"- like game with fully configurable game rules. You can easily adjust it as you like. It features variety of enemies, obstacles and environments to play with. In the game you take control of a small tank, chasing the great evil and trying to save the world.

The game features three game modes - campaign, versus and random game. Campaign allows you to play pre-made missions with increasing level of diffilulty, connected by history about saving the world and princesess, a lot of them!

Versus allows you to challenge AI or another player in an 1 vs. 1 tank battle.

Random game mode gives you opportunity to design every aspect of a game - starting with number of waves and boss and ending with type of weather.

You can also customize your tank - choose chassis and turret type, weapon, color, number of health etc. Players will be also (hopefully) given a possibility to compare their highscores online.

You are going to challenge a variety of enemies. Starting with simple gunned jeeps, through tanks and missile launchers and ending with crazy mechanoid rabbits, medieval battle carriages, armed with enormous crossbows and giant drilling platforms. Tracked.

The Tanks will be released on PC, Linux (I hope) and mobile on Android and iOS(depends on popularity of the game). You will be able to blast some enemy tanks while sitting at the restaurant or traveling via airplane, well everywhere where you take your mobile phone or tablet.

I hope to get enough money to host a server, where you be able to store all your player data, customized tanks, battle schemes and highscores, and quickly access them online.

 Still not sure? Test The Tanks for free!


Anonymous said...

awesome! when this game will be released?

Anonymous said...

How much is a prize in $$ for a TheTanks??

AndyG said...

I am working on shop module at the moment. I think 5$ for the alpha version as it is now. You will be able to purchase a game soon! :) If you want do donate now you can visit my page on Every dollar counts!